Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Consuming fuel? Try some software

Fleet management software for haulage companies can do all sorts of marvellous things.
Software developed in Norfolk could save businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds and slash carbon emissions by alerting staff to bad driving styles.

The technology provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time information on vehicles and can cut fuel consumption by encouraging them to drive more efficiently.

From: EDP 'New drive to reduce consumption of fuel' 26/06/10


This is an interesting example of the impact of ICT on society.
Thanks to advancing technology, remote monitoring of patients via networks of specialist medical-grade laptops, cameras, video screens and medical equipment, could be the norm in a few years' time.

From - EDP 'Norfolk conference hears of telemedicine revolution' 29/6/10
This has lots of useful applications...
“This telemedicine technology would allow the GP to call the consultant and he could examine the patient thoroughly over the screen. We want to make clinicians aware of how important this interactive, two-way technology is and how much time and money it will save across the health service.”

Vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and lung function could all be measured and monitored remotely for long term conditions. Skin conditions and wound care could also be monitored using specialist cameras.
Saves all that hassle of getting a Doctors appointment...
It is hoped the new technology would save travel costs and time for patients, be beneficial for those being rehabilitated after hospital treatment, and could prove vital in emergencies in rural remote settings.
Just a shame they've been using exactly the same ideas in places like Angola and India for three or four years.