Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Playstations, Xboxes and Wiis

My gaming experience is, let's say, "limited".

But never mind that - it seems that Playstations are outselling Wiis a little in Japan just now. Which might be interesting, it might not be, depending on whether it keeps up that way.

The Wii should, I imagine, recover as it hits a different market - the non-gaming market, the parents and kids market. Like, we have one. The 4 year old loves it.

But then I suppose you only need one Wii in a household whereas Playstations have gone through more generations and, presumably, you need multiple bits and pieces as well as upgrading?

Or do you? I don't really get that bit.

Oh, X-boxes are much less popular. But that might be the Japanese market?


Anonymous said...

Wiis will take over again soon in Japan - they're Nintendo, it's almost law out there that everyone has a Nintendo something-or-other.

Yes the PS will need updating but so will the Wii given time (and the seXbox).

Get an Xbox - the novelty of the Wii soon wears off...

Blue Square Thing said...

Get an Xbox - the novelty of the Wii soon wears off...As I'm using it with small children - 4 and 8 - I'd say otherwise actually.

Which is the key to the Wii I think - it opens the market to people like me who don't really care all that much whether the games are hard-core but instead gives us the chance to engage in something more co-operative or competitive with people in the family - whether they be 4 or 64.