Thursday, 22 October 2009

Recording a macro

OK, macros simply automate a routine process. Pretty much.

Start by setting up the macro to record:

Tools > Macro > Record new macro

Now give the macro a suitable name - something like clear_sheet (no spaces!!)

Hit OK - everything you do now is recorded as part of the macro. This will simply repeat everything you do each time the macro is run by hitting the button.

For example, you might want to delete all the cells in the sheet. Simply click in the first one, press delete, click in the second one...

Make sure you click at the end in the cell you want to leave the cursor in.

Finally hit the Stop Recording button (or go Tools > Macro > Stop recording)

Now we need to create a button to run the macro. You'll need to be able to see the Forms toolbar first of all - go View > Toolbars > Forms to do this.

Draw a button (the grey button shaped icon may be a good guess here...)

You'll then be able to choose the macro to assign to the button - so I'll add clear_sheet to it.

To finish off you can format the text on the button (Button 1 isn't the most helpful name in the world...).

Then whenever you hit the button you should get the macro being repeated. This makes stuff a lot easier for the user - they can do stuff a tthe press of a button rather than having to think about it. This is (probably) a good way to meet some client needs.

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