Monday, 10 May 2010

Input Needs

You probably have things like
  • input masks
  • drop down boxes
  • calendar controls
  • parameter queries
  • forms
Fine. I need a section which gives a brief overview of data input needs. All the evidence for this is probably already there, but this section needs to bring that all together and summarise it (bullet points are fine).

I need:
  1. what data is going to be inputted
  2. who is going to do the inputting (at the client)
  3. where are they going to get the data from
  4. how is the input going to be done - cross reference to all the screenshots of stuff you have (the list above) with page numbers

I would have a section for this, probably towards the end of the Implementation section (somewhere around security) called "Input Needs". Lots of cross referencing to the stuff you've already got is just fine.

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