Thursday, 22 July 2010

Technology and traffic cops

OK, so I admit it - I watched one of those traffic cops programmes on the tele last night.

I know - rubbish tele, but strangely compulsive. And shed loads of cool technology stuff. I'm more or less writing this down so that I don't forget it in case it comes in handy at any point...

What was interesting was the use of ANPR cameras in police cars - this was in Sussex fwiw. They automatically read oncoming number plates and can automatically interrogate the Police National Computer (the PNC) as well as the DVLA database and an Insurance Database (which may be the same thing as the DVLA one, I'm not sure). This gives a beep (and flashes a touchscreen button) if the vehicle doesn't have insurance or an MOT or is reported as stolen or needs to be found for some other reason.

Manually it's also possible to interrogate the databases to work out if a driver has a driving ban or a warrant outstanding on them and so on.

All of which was Quite Interesting.

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