Saturday, 29 January 2011

You must be really old...

Well, quite.

All that new fangled mobile technology stuff eh?

Interesting article that's actually about an economic summit thingy (Davos, which isn't the name of the chief bad dalek from Dr Who fwiw) but is actually a bit of a commentary on why mobile devices are arguably much more important than those big old fashioned PC things. Which I guess you probably sort of new. But, like, I'm far too old...
One top politician at Davos tells the story of how she visited a technology bootcamp for teenagers, and was stunned when the youngsters freely swapped computer code with competitors. When she challenged one of them, he said "you must be really old" and told her that the swap would make both projects better.
Which, I guess, is part of that awfully old fashioned idea that the best thing about technology is it's openness - and that only dinosaurs try to close it off too much.

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