Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spreadsheet Work Stuff

Henry asked for a list of stuff he had to do...

Here's a list:
  1. get a timeplan together (row A)
  2. make sure you have all your client intro stuff done (row B)
  3. check your client needs (row C part 1) is done
  4. come up with some evaluation criteria (row D)
  1. get a prototype spreadsheet up and running (do not include this in your timeplan!)
  1. check your client needs and evaluation criteria still make sense. Add anything in you need to (and delete anything you need to as well)
  2. check your client intro makes sense as well - you might need to tweak this
  1. do the inputs, outputs, processing section (row C part 2). This needs to be quite detailed. Anything anyone types in (or uses the mouse) on the prototype is an input for example. Most inputs will produce outputs (at least to the screen) and may well lead to processing.
  2. develop annotated designs (row E). This will take a while
  3. show the designs to your client and get them to write on them. Each one needs to at least be signed off
  4. they have to ask for changes on at least some of the screens (these can be cosmetic or can be in the functionality of the spreadsheet (what it does...)
  5. produce final annotated designs taking into account the changes
  6. produce a detailed test plan (row F)
That's the prep work done. The designs will take ages and can be really frustrating. As ever, That Blue Square Thing has some suggestions.

In the exam time you will need to produce the spreadsheet, test it (documenting every test you do) and produce screenshots demonstrating what you have done. Then there'll need to be an in depth evaluation section.

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