Monday, 23 February 2009

Flash scene names

So, you have a movie with a bunch of scenes. But they're all called really useful names like Scene 1, Scene 37 and whathaveyou.

Even more annoyingly, they're not numbered in the right order. Ugh.

Wouldn't it be good if you could rename them? Hey, you might even have tried to do this. And failed...

First off you need to get the scene names up in a panel on the right. You'd think they'd make this easy woudn't you? Hmmm...
  1. Go Window > Other Panels > Scene (hey, keyboard shortcut madness: Shift+F2)

  2. A little windowy, panel thing pops up

  3. You can dock that windowy thing over on the right if you click on the little dotty things to the right of the word Scene at the top and drag it into the panels. Easy eh?

  4. Then you can double click the scene name and rename it
You know, you'd think that'd be a bit more usable really...

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