Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Copying? That's fine for reports.

OK, so you have a report which you want to use for more than one query.

You could make the report several times, but that's complex and time consuming and boring. And they probably won't end up looking the same because reports are a bit of a pig.

So, the easy thing to do is to copy the report
  1. Copy and paste the report, renaming it as you go

  2. Opening the report shows you that the same data is attached to it. Easy enough to solve if you know how - so open it in design view first.

  3. Now click on the properties button on the toolbar
  1. Make sure the All tab is selected and click on the name of the Data source in the first row.
  1. Use the drop down at the end of the box to choose the name of the query you want to attach the new report to.

  2. Close it all down, saving as you go and test it out.

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