Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What's the password?

First off, be careful using passwords on your work.

If you forget the password you won't (and that means won't!) be able to access your work. At all. I can't, network managers can't, noone can. So don't forget it...

So, you have a database and you need to password protect it. Seems easy, but there's a crucial step that's more important than sneezing into a clean hankie. Here's how you go about it.
  1. Open Access. Not a database, just Access.
  2. Go File > Open and click once on the database you want to open. This will select the database rather than open it
  3. Now, find the Open button at the bottom right of the dialogue box. There's a little arrow next to it - click the arrow. Yes, the arrow.
  1. Choose Open Exclusive. The database opens.
  2. Now, go Tools > Security and set a password.
Hurrah, it works!

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