Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A PC for old(er) people...

Interesting idea - the SimplicITy (what is it with sad names these days?!), designed specifically for users aged over 65.

Apparently 6 million over 65s have never been on the internet. Big deal? Well, yes: especially as more and more things are only available on the internet these days (or are more easily available on the internet anyway).

Worth a look for target audience stuff and adaptive technology (how you adapt technology for specific groups). Help the Aged has some things to say about that as well. Again, worth a look (heck, we all get old eventually - trust me...)

Useful, as well, I think for some tips on how to design simple to use GUI systems. Always helpful to see some good ideas of that kind of thing.

A good thing I think. Even uses a Linux desktop option...

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