Monday, 7 December 2009

12 Newsletter design mistakes

I originally got this list from One Page Newsletters. I'm not sure, the content there seems to have to be paid for now (and it sucks as a webpage fwiw - look at the length of that!).

There's a copy of the detail on this on the school system. It may be on the Learning Platform as well, I don't remember (e2a: yes, it's in the Newsletter production folder that you'll find in the AS Unit 1 section).

But here's the base list if the 12 most common newsletter design mistakes:
  1. Nameplate clutter - too much info in the newsletter name
  2. Lack of white space
  3. Unnecessary graphic accents - borders, lines etc...
  4. Text wraps
  5. Overuse of upper case type
  6. Underlining - just don't
  7. Long subheads - short and sweet, like me
  8. Inappropriate typeface choices - use serif fonts already
  9. Inappropriate type sizes - 12 is often too large for body copy you know!
  10. Insufficient line spacing - always think about increasing it a little
  11. Failure to hyphenate - arguments both ways on this, but it might well be a good idea
  12. Excessive colour - 2 colours plus B&W is recommended
Yes, you can ignore all of this. But it might be a good idea to think about it at least.

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