Monday, 7 December 2009

Cyberbullying resources

Some links suitable for the AiDA Think, Click SPB.

You may also want to take a look at More on cyberbullying, where I've added some more resources...

STOP cyber bullying - nice looking site, although the advice is a bit text heavy. It's also split into age groups and has sections for parents and teachers.

Get Game Smart - useful for online gaming advice about safety, especially for parents

'Cyber Monday' warning for online shoppers - advice for keeping safe whilst shopping online

Internet safety for children targeted - ooh, everyone in primary school is going to have lessons on interwebz safety

CEOP help buttons on social networking sites
- BBC report

Tanya Byron talks about e-safety - BBC report

Pupil's views of web filters - BBC news report (you'll need headphones)

News report: children learn about e-safety - a primary school class

Digital Footprints - from Kids Smart. Explains what they are and why you should be bothered.

Cybersafety tips for using Twitter - the site looks like it must have lots of other useful links on it

Instant Messaging safety- from Microsoft so it must be reasonably reliable (probably

Blog safety advice - how to stay safe if you have a blog

Gloucestershire police mobile phone safety tips for kids - good for stuff on serial numbers and not getting your phone stolen

Cell phone safety tips - this one has more general advice

Safe2Read - some e-mail safety tips aimed at kids and parents

Downloading music safety - seems to be written for parents

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