Monday, 18 January 2010

Hannah says showing formulae view is easy

Someone's going to have forgotten how to do this...

Hannah says here's the way to do it:
  1. is your sheet saved? Good.
  2. hold the shift key down. Don't let it go, even if a bee is about to land on your nose.
  3. look at the top left hand corner of the keyboard. Find the Esc key. DON'T TOUCH IT
  4. look underneath it. You'll find a wierd looking key that only Mr Bagshaw (and other sad geeks) know the name of
  5. that's the key you want
  6. I call it the Star Wars button because I don't have a better name for it
  7. still holding shift down? Good
  8. tap - ONCE - the Star Wars button. Feel the force? Excellent!
  9. see the formulae? Kewl!

To toggle back again all you need to do is Shift-Star Wars and it'll go back again.

You might need to twiddle around with column widths to show the formulae of course. Beware if you try and toggle back - you'd be better off saving under a different file name before you try and toggle back if you've changed too many column widths.

Hannah says hands that do dishes, they can be as soft as your face...

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