Monday, 18 January 2010

Spreadsheets Markscheme...

Some pointers:

Section G - Testing:
Make sure you test both the individual inputs and the whole system. There are 8 marks - 4 are for individual things; 4 are for the whole system testing.

You do need to provide some screenshots. But - don't overdo it. The exam board says you don't need to screenshot absolutely everything if things are very similar.

Section H - Implementation:
This isn't about how you did it - you don't need to show that.

Row 1 - Management: show that you've used sensible filenames, macro names, names for cell ranges. You could also show stuff like backups etc... (2 marks)
Row 2 - System: show evidence that you've made it and that it works! Then do a section linking specifically to client needs - how does it meet each of them? This will lift stuff heavily from your prep work - it may even be close to word to word. But it's worth a mark... (3 marks)
Row 3 - Formulae: it's better to use formula view prints rather than screenshots to show the formulae. For the third mark, annotate the prints to show how they help you meet the client needs (yes, this may seem a bit repetitive). (3 marks)
Row 4 - Complex Features: tell us which complex features you've used and, for the third mark, how they help you meet the client needs in an appropriate way (maybe: link back to client skills section?) (3 marks)
Row 5 - Macros: you need prints of your macro code (go Alt-F11) annotated (by hand is fine) to show what macros do. (2 marks)
Row 6 - Reusability: you'll either need to save it as a template or make sure that it can be cleared and reused - possibly saving client data. Use screenshots to show this if it's stuff you haven't already included anywhere else, but don't use unnecessary sceenshots. You can explain this section just as well.
Row 7 - Outputs: explain how your outputs help meet client needs. The key word is explain. Outputs can be to the screen (i.e. screenshots) or to the printer. Link directly to numbered client needs.

Section I - Timeplan:
This is the section j from the old style markscheme. You need to annotate your timeplan to show how you actually spent your time. To get the second mark you need to explain any alterations you had to make (and make sure there are some...)

Section J - Evaluations:
We don't have a specific markscheme section for this yet. We think it's the old sections j, k and the spg marks.

Row 1 - Evaluation of solution: Use your evaluation criteria and client needs - have these been met? Prove this with screenshots. Then identify areas which could be developed/improved.
Row 2 - Evaluation of own performance: how good were you? Yes, I know this is really awkward to do. Make sure you've clearly mentioned: strengths, weaknesses and areas for your own development
Row 3 - the SPAG: you'll either get these or you won't. They do like technical terms - so try not to say "stuff" too much.

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