Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Block 4 work - audience analysis

As I explained in class, there's a Writing for an Audience task at the bottom of the week 4 page (link direct to PDF file).

You might find this blog post from Septemnber 2009 handy actually

This asks you to investigate how ICT might be used by the visually impaired - specifically to use the internet. I've asked you to write a brief newsletter article (note: not a newspaper article!) with a target audience of teenagers - you'll see that I'm using a familiar target audience again. How nice of me...

You can keep this brief. Really it's about the investigation of the ways in which visually impaired people (i.e. a group with specific needs) might use the internet. The writing for an audience bit isn't that important - and certainly don't worry about the newsletter aspect of it - just try and make people want to read it. We'll come back to some techniques about how to make people want to read something in Block 6...

So, there you go.

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