Wednesday, 8 September 2010

ICT & Society - web resources

Interesting questions I have today:
  • Should I buy an iPhone now or wait till the next generation of phone appears?
  • Do all the hidden computers that help to run our lives actually make us any happier?
  • What happens when the computers stop working?
  • Where is my aerocar a la Jetsons? Why don't I have it yet?!
I've finally gotten around to putting resources for AS Unit 1 (ICT and Society) up on the interwebz. Great.

That includes, very lovely Year 12 people, a spot of work for you to be doing I'm afraid:
  1. complete the Future Technology document. This is a fairly simple job working out what some of the abbreviations that get used in really cutting edge ICT mean. Note that the "Source" column simply means I want to know where you got the information from - whether it's one source or more than that.
  2. make sure you have an e-mail address which you can use in school - if you don't already have one then google mail seems quite effective
  3. e-mail me the work (like, attach it to the e-mail as a document in a form I'll be able to read)
  4. make sure that it's going to be really obvious who you are - if necessary just sign your e-mail to tell me!
In an ideal world, I'd like this done by next time I see you, but so long as I get it by next Wedesday morning that'll probably be fine (that's the 15th September I guess).

e2a: I've updated the web page from Block One to include the examples I used in class to (hopefully) help to make the difference between control/monitoring and information provision.

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