Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Index for a Word document

Someone, let's call her "Jodie"*, was having some difficulties producing an Index in Word. Neither I or my Evil Assistant had ever used Word 2007 to produce an Index before. We couldn't find "Mr Glitter" who knows what he's doing with such things.

So I used a "Popular Internet Search Engine" to find this awfully useful page from the Dummies (no, not those ones, the real ones) about how to do an Index.

That page used a keyboard shortcut to mark each index entry. You can use that, sure (as everyone knows, keyboard shortcuts are the coolest thing this side of Oslo) but you might find it easier to go References > Mark Entry (on the right). Mild!

Check the Tips bit at the bottom for a handy Mark All tip. Trust me.

*Jodie's name has been anonymised in this blog post.

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