Monday, 1 November 2010

January 2011 Exam Paper

The January 2011 exam paper is now available! Woot!!

It isn't possible to link to an online version of the paper - AQA have put it behind a password. There's a version on Shared Docs you can access.

In summary you need to produce a series of webpages (I'd guess between 6 and 9). These need to be for the readers of an online newspaper.

The pages need to deal with how charities use ICT to:
  1. raise awareness of their work
  2. obtain donations
  3. support groups and individuals across the world
Ypu need to cover a "range" of examples to show this - I'm guessing this means 6 or 7 maximum.

You also need to produce a section explaining the relevance of the Data Protection Act to charities.

First Tasks:
  • produce an original timeplan - notes and examples on shared documents (I'll add these to That Blue Square Thing later today)
  • complete an audience analysis grid - (link to Word version)
  • find out who reads online newspapers - an entirely unscientific survey involving asking a few people if they read online newspapers if fine for now
  • take a look at a few online newspapers quickly to see how they present information (again, this is entirely unscientific at this point)
  • have a think about how charities might use ICT

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