Monday, 2 March 2009

Careful what you type!

Hmm, so my meetings are boring?

Good job I didn't put that up on Facebook or somewhere then; I could get sacked, rather like this Essex teenager did:
A 16-year-old girl from Essex was fired after she described her office job as "boring" on her Facebook page.

Kimberley Swann, 16, of Clacton, had been working at Ivell Marketing & Logistics, in Clacton, for three weeks before being fired on Monday.

"I think they've stooped quite low," she said.
Facebook remark teenager is fired, on the BBC Essex site

"Stooped quite low"?

Of course, if she hadn't added half her workmates as friends then I don't suppose they'd have seen the comment. Some people might say this raises issues about privacy and the internet. Yes, it might - but it also raises issues about how careful you have to be about putting stuff up on the internet that you don't want other people to see.

It's all very easy to quickly blog something, or stick it on a Facebook profile or Tweet it or whathaveyou, but once it's there it can be tricky to get rid of, particularly if you put it anywhere near the public domain.

So, hard done by for getting sacked? Or a little bit naive about what the internet and the ubiquitous computing it brings with it means?

I'll go for the second of those please Bob.

Oh, I should just say how much I adore the meetings I go to for my proper job by the way...

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