Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Scammers and Young Tweeting

Hmm, so it seems that it's news that scammers take advantage of dodgy internet links to persuade people to click links and download oh so helpful anti-virus software.

I did kinda think that the days of people actually clicking on those buttons that appear as ads on web sites were over perhaps? Maybe not...
Anyone clicking on a booby-trapped page is then instantly re-directed to the site hosting the links to the fake security software.

Once they arrive, visitors are bombarded with pop-ups warning that their PC is infected. To clear up the infection, users are told, they must download and pay for anti-virus software which typically costs about $50 (£34).

'Scareware' scams trick searchers, BBC website 23/03/2009
I guess it's maybe the use of search engines that makes this a newer thing - up by over 200% in 2008 apparently.

Maybe teaching primary school kids how to use blogs and twitter will improve things? You'd hope so anyway.

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