Thursday, 5 March 2009

A few Project Management links

Oooh, a Project.

I love a good project. It's just the management bit that's a pain...

Some things that might be slightly useful - all from Wikipedia:
The wiki page on Project Management has a series of Project Management Stages on it. These are probably a good base to use to break down a project.

  1. intiation - which "determines the nature and scope of the development"

  2. planning or development - which designs and perhaps creates a prototype which is tested

  3. production or execution - which produces the actual thingy

  4. monitoring and controlling - which includes checking that everything's going well. The wiki page on this is well worth a look for ideas. It can also include maintenance - making sure that whatevers produced continues to work

  5. closing - finishing off and handing it over. In the real world this is quite often the "getting paid" section!

It's well worth taking a look at the wiki section on that for ideas. Promise.

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