Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hannah says what are Standard Ways of Working?

Another good question Hannah. I hope you'll continue to ask questions long after you've left us.

Standard ways of working need to be proven for most portfolios. This simply means do things the way they should be done - the "industry standard" ways of doing stuff. Like:
  • sensible file names, using version numbers etc... Include your documentation etc... as well as whatever you're producing
  • sensible sheet names or names for queries, reports, tables etc... using standard methods (like: tblPokemonCharacters or qryYellowFruit)
  • sensible file structure - using folders effectively to organise work
  • backing up an using appropriate storage

For Project Management you might also include elements which show that you've used standard ways of working for group projects such as:
  • use of agenda, minutes etc... to schedule meetings
  • use of project management software to plan - e.g. Gannt charts and resource assignments using Open Workbench
  • effective use of e-mail, letters, synchronous chat etc... to manage work
  • use of collaborative documents to allow multiple people to work on the same document (for example, user guides etc...)

For the final mark in the row you'll need to be answering the question: Why did I/we do this?

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