Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Skills Audit

Unit 8 needs you to do a skills audit - to work out what skills you have at the start of the project.

Examples could be:

Communication skills such as:
  • meeting skills - running meeting, producing agenda, minutes etc...
  • organisation skills - organising yourself, e-mails etc...
  • bossiness skills - organising other people
Technical skills such as:
  • design skills
  • animation skills
  • web skills
Project management skills (which might include some of the things above)
  • use of open workbench
  • use of gannt charts
  • use of plans, critical path management etc...

This is AO3 Row 5. I'd do it in a table with a column for the skill, a column for pre-existing level and a column for how I'd used it in the project.

You need to do the same sort of thing for your Knowledge - AO3 Row 6 - what knolwedge of this sort of thing did you have at the start and how did you use it?

It is a really good idea to put this towards the front of your write-up. It links to AO1 Rows 3 and 4 - the development of new skills. BUT this wants to be a clearly different section...

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