Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Project Management Marks

There are 6 marks for using Open Workbench (pretty much).

AO1 - Row 2 - the first three marks for using a range of project management techniques - the fourth mark for explaining how and why you used them (probably using screenshots)

AO2 - Row 3 - using tools

I would produce:
  • a Gannt chart (possibly a weekly view one) - to show the dates for each task and how they are scheduled
  • a phase level Gannt chart - to provide an overview of scheduling
  • a Critical Path Analysis - to show the longest possible path to the end of the project (check out Critical Path Analysis on Wikipedia) using the tasks and their start and finish dates and dependencies
  • a resource assignment - to show exactly how resources have been assigned - who is going to what meeting or involved in each section
  • a dependency definition view - to specify exactly which tasks are dependent on others (the critical path will help do this as well)
You can then add evidence from using e-mail, cooperative documents (e.g. Google Docs) etc...

Note that there are also possible marks in AO1 - Row 1 which is using new software.

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