Sunday, 21 March 2010

Justification of Database software

This is a simple three marks to get.

Check the markscheme first - it's AO2 Row 3. Then this is what I'd do:
  1. Clearly state exactly which version of Access is being used. Without this it won’t get 1 mark
  2. Say that they already have it and so don’t need to buy any new software in
  3. Say that it’s the only bit of database software they have so there isn't a real alternative
  4. If anyone in the client organisation has any familiarity at all with it then say so – they may have used it at school or in another job for example or done some very basic training with it
  5. Say that you need a number of tables for different entities (name the entities) and therefore need an RDBMS (a Relational Database Management System)

You could add about the ability to build forms to create a user friendly interface using things like drop down boxes, calendar controls etc… and use security features etc… Linking this to client needs (briefly!) isn't a bad idea.

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